The city that never sleeps, the heart of the country, or most commonly known as good ole’ New York, New York, Baby! There is no shock when we tell you that some of the most entertaining films have taken place in this magnificent city! New York City has a little bit to offer EVERYONE in every type of genre of film you are looking for. There is something so magical about the lights in this city, and recently, more and more New York City films have been popping up EVERYWHERE! After an extremely difficult challenge, we have managed to narrow our list down to our top 10 GREATEST films shot in New York City. They’ve made us laugh, they’ve made us cry, and they’ve even made SOME of us (myself included) pack up our bags and move there ourselves! Read ahead to see if your favorite NYC flick made the cut!

10) Taxi

Of course we had to kick off our list with a story told within the doors of the iconic NYC Taxi Cab! Queen Latifah is hilarious in this action packed, comedy film, and we love the nice high- speed tour of the city we received during the film!

9) Sex and the City: The Movie

Okay, so these movies definitely aren’t Oscar worthy, but the first Sex and the City film certainly does give us a fabulous dose of the New York City life! From the fashion to the food and finishing off with the wild nights out, we love living our dream lives through these fab four.

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  • taz

    where is die hard: with a vengence

  • BigHoop65

    I think the movie Fighting should get a honorable mention… the director couldn’t help himself but play some classic New York hip hop anthems as the soundtrack.