What do you get when you mix talented actors, dim film filters, dark comedy, and a whole lot of SOMETHING you’ve probably never seen before? Why, a Tim Burton movie, of course! This man can do NO wrong in our eyes and consistently supplies us with hit after hit! We HAD to devote an article to this brilliant man’s masterpieces! Although it was exceedingly difficult to narrow down a list of our top 8 GREATEST Tim Burton hits (and in ORDER, nonetheless), we feel pretty confident about our decisions and we cannot wait to share them with you! Enjoy our countdown to number one and relive some of the GREATEST flicks to EVER hit the screen!

8) Alice In Wonderland

Although the story seemed rather confusing at times (and MUCH different than the original, animated film we had grown to love), we are placing this on our list due to the incredible world of “Wonderland” that Tim Burton created. Every little detail was impeccable and the characters were absolutely brilliant. Bravo, Tim!

7) Planet of the Apes

Of course we had to add this classic Tim Burton film to our list. Planet of the Apes was shot so beautifully and directed so thoughtfully. The characters were wonderful, of course, and the story really made us think in a new, “Tim Burton” sort of way. Great work!

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  • Phantom

    I disagree with this list actually To me Planet of the apes, Alice and wonder land along with Charlie and the chocolate factory where just plain out awful. I can Think up a few other movies that are much better than those three that he did. Sleepy Hollow, FrankieWeenie,Beetlejuice,Mars attack,Ed Wood and both Batman movies he did.

  • ShangXiang803

    Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride should have made it onto this list. Those films were both brilliant.

  • megan

    I agree sweeny todd should be number one but corpse bride should of been second I can’t get enough of those two movies

  • Mo

    Alice in wonderland was much different than the original because it was based off the second book. But honestly this list makes me upset because you can’t pick his top 8 greatest hits he is brilliant all of his movies are great so the fact that you tried makes me a little upset. Even though I don’t agree with this list or a couple others I think everyone is initialed to there own opinion so keep up the good work.