There’s a new Twilight Zone movie on the way and Joseph Kosinski is in discussions to direct the film, a long time pet project of Leonardo DiCaprio. Although details of the plot are strictly secret, it’s bound to feature strange and unusual tales designed to send shivers down your spine.

Kosinski is a self-confessed long term fan of the television series, saying that he always admired how the show used a limited budget and cast to explore huge topics in a deep and meaningful fashion, so if he agrees to do the film, he’s bound to want to bring that aspect of the films out.

The Twilight Zone has always been known for its peculiar twist on reality. Here’s a selection of some other films that are equally weird and wonderful.

5. Rubber

What the world really needs is a film about a psychopathic, telekinetic, self-aware car tyre. What do you mean, such a film already exists?!

Rubber is a French comedy horror movie by Quentin Dupieux about a tyre which discovers that it is self-aware. Starting small, it pulls itself upright and masters the art of rolling. Encountering a water bottle, it crushes it. A scorpion then suffers the same fate, but when it meets a glass bottle immune to rolling, the tyre (or Robert, as it’s referred to in the credits) becomes angry and spontaneously fractures the bottle through sheer will power.

Gaining in strength and confidence, Robert focuses on increasingly larger targets, exploding a tin can and then a rabbit. Finally it turns its attention on the ultimate target – a woman in a car. Although it only succeeds in stalling her car, when a truck runs Robert over, breaking his concentration, Robert makes the man’s head explode.

Despite the film receiving (mostly) positive reviews, it flopped upon its release.

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  • Robin Ludvig Isomaa

    “Glen or Glenda” is pretty weird; I can’t get that whipping scene (which has nothing to do with the rest of the movie) out of my head.

  • Jimlengle88


  • HenriX90

    you guys should a movie called “Holy mountain”… that movie is really weird..

  • Ricardo Alvarez

    Bronson with Tom Hardy.

  • Daniel Flores

    how about any david lynch movie.