With all of the wonderful books and screenplays out there, it is insane how many crappy movies are released every year. It can sometimes be infuriating to go to the movie theatres and there is nothing good to see. It honestly makes no sense at all. If the common movie goer can see that the film is a flop then why can’t the professionals see it? You know, the people paid millions of dollars to make movies? Its their job to entertain. Who is telling them that the awful film they are making is a good idea? These guys are SUPPOSED to be the experts on captivating an audience. You can’t honestly tell me that with all of the infinite media options out there they couldn’t find one that was a solid good idea. Here few examples of movies that should never have been made.

Doom (2005)

Don’t get me wrong, the games were great. The games began in the 1980’s and have been hugely popular since. The story line is pretty awesome too. Why oh why then did this movie come out so awfully? The movie stars the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and is set on mars in the year 2046. The gates of hell have been opened and it is up to “Serge” (Johnson) to enter hell and close the gate. The acting is bad, the graphics are bad, the music is bad, it is all over just a terrible movie. Who allowed this to happen? Who told the director that this was a good idea? Why didn’t someone stop him and ask why he chose this as a breaking point in his career?

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