Every year around Christmas time, we have all of our little traditions that make us feel at home and close with our families. One of those traditions that has been around for decades is to sit around the television with our friends and families and watch the same old Christmas films every year. These films fill us with a sense of warmth and nostalgia that only the holidays can bring. Here is a memorandum of the top ten Christmas films we have come to enjoy over the years.

10. Miracle on 34th Street. (1994& 1947)

There are two versions of this magical tale and both are spectacular. The story is that a man hired as a mall Santa begins to worry his employers with talk of being the real deal. In his strong belief that he is the real Santa clause, he manages to restore the faith of a little girl whose mother always told her the “truth” about Santa. A sweet little girl is not the only one he will need to convince. When he is put on trial for hitting someone with his cane, he must prove his innocence as well as his identity.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

This movie could also be considered a Halloween movie, but at its core it is a movie about discovering the magic of Christmas and spreading the cheer of the holidays. When the king of Halloween town, Jack Skellington, stumbles upon the entrance to Christmas town, he is overwhelmed by the joy and beauty. In his world, all is dark and creepy. In his world, there are monsters and zombies and jack-o-lanterns. He has grown tired of his world and all it dreariness. After he sees the wonder of Christmas town he attempts to bring its magic back to Halloween town, throwing things out of balance.

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  • Samantha Cook

    You forgot Yogi’s First Christmas!!! Great list though. I agree with most of them!!