Based on the Beltway Sniper Attacks, Blue Caprice was the talk of the Sundance Festival earlier this year. It’s based around the events of three weeks in 2002 when ten people were killed and three seriously injured in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. The attacks were apparently at random as John Allen Muhammed and his adopted son, Lee Boyd Malvo, travelled in their blue Chevrolet down the Interstate 95. The film examines the peculiar relationship between Muhammed and Malvo and how Muhammed was so easily able to bring Malvo into his mad scheme. Muhammed was executed for the murders and Malvo received six life sentences.

Described as a tough watch, the film will be receiving only a limited run in the States with no release scheduled for the UK. If you want to see some other snipers in the movies in the meantime, check out one of these movies.

Enemy at the Gates

Enemy at the Gates is a fictionalised tale that takes place during the Battle of Stalingrad during the Second World War. It is inspired by the non-fiction history, Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad by William Gates.

Jude Law stars as Vasili Zaitsev, a shepherd drafted in to the Red Army on the front of the Battle of Stalingrad. Sent on a suicide mission against the Germans, his incredible marksmanship saves himself and his commanding officer, Danilov (Joseph Fiennes). As a consequence, Danilov suggests that they use Vasili as the focus of a campaign to boot morale and stories about Vasili’s bravery and skill are published in the army’s newspaper. As a consequence, Vasili is transferred to the sniper division, where his reputation leads the Germans to send Major König (Ed Harris) to take him out.

Although Craig’s book details a ‘sniper duel’ between Zaitsev and König, the film’s version is entirely fictional and the story on which it is based is open to question, since Zaitsev himself is the only source and no evidence has been found to back up his claims.

Red Army Stalingrad veterans hated the film and found it so inaccurate that they demanded it be banned. The Germans weren’t massively impressed either, criticising it for simplifying history and glorifying war.

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