With all of the great actors that have accumulated since the beginning of show biz, there are a few that have gained fame and fortune beyond all reasoning due to their immense popularity. These are the 10 best male actors (arguably) of all time.

10. Jim Carrey

Born James Eugene Carrey, Jim first got his start on the hit 1980’s T.V. show IN LIVING COLOR. Since that moment, Jim Carrey has been a comedy favorite world wide. His movies are some of the funniest that have ever been made or will ever be made. Among the more popular films are , ACE VENTURA, THE MASK, ME, MYSELF AND IRENE, and DUMB AND DUMBER. There is no denying that Jim Carrey is a comedic genius and a great asset to Hollywood.

9. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp was born with the name John Christopher Depp II. Depp began his acting career as a teenage murder victim in the famous horror film, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. After that, Depp took the world by storm with his intense versatility as an actor. Seriously, this guy can play ANYTHING! He can easily adopt any role and personality put in front of him. He has honestly never been in a bad movie. His ability to convince the audience of his identity captivates and amazes viewers. His most famous roles are probably, Captain Jack Sparrow of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN and Edward of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS.

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  • Jules

    Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio?

  • Nikola Hudinčec

    Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington

  • Edward the 3rd

    This top 10 male actors list has definetly many misplaces; i mean, robert downey jr. and bruce willis besides de niro, hopkins and walken is a big mistake and ignorance towards top notch acting quality!

    Where is Al Pacino (in my humble experience besides Baredem the best ever to perform on a big screen) Javier Baredem, John Lithgow, Christian Bale, Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes, Sam Rockwell, Nick Nolte, Jeff Bridges, Michael Caine, Ray Liotta???

  • Alexandar

    No best actors list is complete without Daniel Day-Lewis …

  • Juan

    Tom Hanks? DiCaprio? Joseph Gordon-Loveitt? Heath Ledger? Daniel Day Lewis? Plus there could be a lot of negative things that can be said about them. I won’t mention them because I don’t if they are true or not, but you really need to watch more films or do more research

  • Amanda Emilie

    Though this list has many great actors, I don’t think it holds up to the greatest actors ever. My top(no order) would probably be Malcolm McDowell, F. Murray Abraham, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Christopher Walken, Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldman, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and mention Jason Isaacs, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, Christopher Eccleston and Jeremy Irons.

  • Vendetta7x

    What about Will Smith or Brad Pitt??

  • Anonymous

    You spelt ‘role’ wrong so many times I almost cried.

  • TD

    Sean Penn, Paul Giamatti, Sam Rockwell, Kevin Bacon and Phillip Seymore Hoffman are five of the greatest actors in the history of Hollywood. All of them can act circles around Jim Carrey and the highly overrated Johnny Depp. And while I love Robert Downey Jr,. he has no business on this list.

  • SaLlypselon

    Woa, there are so many more you could add, I guess it’s hard to make such a top ten list and I won’t repeat all the great guys who are mentioned in the earlier comments, but there is one guy I would definitly add: Edward Norton ;)

  • Josh


    Ryan Reynolds
    Jason Statham
    Will Smith
    Morgan Freeman
    Steve Carell
    Gerard Butler
    Brad Pitt
    Heath Ledger
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Christian Bale

    All great, well-rounded male actors and better than a few on this list. Try again. Also, in the career of ANY great actor, there are rough patches and negative things can be said about anyone.

  • Mickey5185

    Tom hanks tom hardy denzel Washington Joseph Gordon levitt will smith al pacino Stephan graham ray liotta ryan gosling heath ledger josh brolin Lawrence fishburne Michael cane Christian bale morgan Freeman bob Hoskins gary oldman Daniel Day Lewis ?

  • Deangirl

    No Jensen Ackles?

  • Jessica Peterson

    I’m just not a fan of Jim carry

  • B Maky

    I’m a huge fan of James Franco, and there’s more but they’ve been named. But James Franco is an amazing method actor and I respect his style, which is very much like Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger. Three amazing actors and only one made the list.

  • Dave

    Do you mean Bruce Willis is the best male actor? And Russell Crowe? No way better than De Niro, and Al Pacino needs to be on this list, same with Leonardo DiCaprio and Marlon Brando