The musical genre in the film industry hold a special place in hearts of many. Some are good, some are bad, but all are interesting. Here is a list of the top ten musicals that everyone should experience at least once.

10.The Sound Of Music (1965):

The legendary Julie Andrews stars as Maria, a young nun who has a way of mischief about her that causes her fellow sisters to wonder if she is really cut out for the title. She takes on a job as a nanny in order to re-introduce herself in to the outside world. She must learn whether or not she is truly ready for a monastic lifestyle. Everyone has heard the songs “ The hills are alive” and “ My favorite things” even if they haven’t seen the movie. The beauty of the musical scores is unmatched and has become a cliché classic in American pop culture.

9. Chicago (2002):

Rene Zellwegger portrays the character Roxie Hart. Roxie has a dream she desperately tries to bring into reality. All she wants in life is to become a jazz star and dancer in 1920’s Chicago. When she begins cheating on her husband with a man that has promised her fame and fortune, she quickly realizes all of his compelling words had been a sham with the purpose of getting her into bed. In a fit of rage she pulls out a gun and shoots him dead. Roxie is promptly arrested and sits on trial for murder.

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  • Zachary Haynes

    The wizard of oz was not the first color movie ever. The first colour movie was Cupid Angling which came out in 1918 21 years before the wizard of oz.

  • Liza Chr

    Grease should be no 1… i love it