You’re Next is currently out at the cinemas and it’s a creepy tale of a family going to stay in their house in the middle of nowhere (of course) being targeted by a group of unknown assailants who want to hunt them down and slaughter them for fun.

The trailer alone should be enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. After all, any of us could be targeted by mad men at any time – especially if these films are anything to go by.

5. Vacancy

Vacancy stars Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale as David and Amy Fox, a married couple whose relationship is going through a rough patch. After their car breaks down, they discover they are stranded in a communications dead zone. Cut off from the world, they have no choice but to hole up for the night in an isolated motel.

In their room, David looks through the videos left on top of the television and puts one on to watch. However, he soon realises that what he’s looking at is a snuff film and not only that, it was filmed in the room in which they’re staying. As the only guests in the motel, they’re easy pickings for the filmmakers, who are determined to get another good movie out of them.

The film took a creative approach to promoting the film. As well as a website which was apparently for the motel in question, a free phone number was set up that people could call the ‘motel’. A recorded message had screams in the background while the film’s motel manager (Frank Whaley) told callers about the motel’s ‘killer’ deals.

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  • Juan

    Your Next? Suppsedly that film is great. You should watch that when you have a chance. On the other hand there is Scream. It might be horror but it’s a man or woman behind a mask, much like Strangers.

  • Cameron

    where are the predator and alien films?