The internet is in an uproar over Ben Affleck being cast to play Batman in the upcoming Superman vs Batman movie. Twitter, Facebook and message boards everywhere lit up with mostly negative comments upon the announcement that Affleck will wear the famous cowl. However, this is not the first time that the internet has hated something that in the end turned out to be a great thing.

5. Michael Keaton as Batman (Batman)

It was not that long ago that comic book fans were angry when another actor got cast as the Dark Knight.

When it was announced that Michael Keaton would play Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 version of Batman, fans were not pleased. In fact, it is comparable or may even exceed the amount of backlash the Affleck announcement is getting.

Keaton, at the time, was more known for his roles as a comedic actor. His casting had fans worrying that Burton would not take the project seriously or that he was attempting to add in the same camp featured in the old Adam West television series.

Keaton, with his receding hairline, did not have the good looks nor the imposing shape most imagined batman to have. Fans were so outraged that over 50,000 complaints were sent to Warner Bros. via mail, as this was a time when complaining took more than a simple mouse click.

The role would be one of Keaton’s most iconic performances. The film showed that a movie based on a comic book could be taken seriously and served as a stepping-stone into the golden age of the comic book movie we live in today.

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