It seems like big budget blockbusters are more popular than ever. However, there is a risk when a studio invests a lot of money into one movie. Below are the top 10 movies that failed to pay off at the box office.

10. The Adventures of Pluto Nash

The Failure: The Adventures of Pluto Nash had a $100 million budget and was only able to rake in $7,103,973 worldwide gross at the Box Office. The film also was a failure critically with a rating of 5 percent based on 84 reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.

Why it Failed: A positive critical reception would have not saved this one, as it was simply a movie nobody wanted to see.

9. Stealth

The Plot: An aircraft with some sophisticated artificial intelligence decides to start the next world war because that is the type of stuff artificial intelligence does in movies. It is up to three jet pilots to stop it.

The Failure: It is ok, I do not remember this movie either, and I do this for a living. The movie cost $135 million to produce and failed to make back even half its budget.

Why it Failed: It had the star power with Jessica Biel and Jamie Fox, but no one was willing to pay money to see a movie about “a dumbed-down Top Gun crossed with the HAL 9000 plot from 2001,” as Roger Ebert eloquently put it.

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