Film cameos either work very well or they do not. They can be funny and entertaining like Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore or they can be overindulgent, like every cameo in the Austin Power’s movies. Sometimes, though, a cameo is so subtle that if you blink you will miss it. Here are a group of five mind-blowing celebrity cameos you likely never noticed.

5. Glenn Close (Hook)

Six-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close is one of the most respected actresses of all time. She is known for starring in such modern classics as Dangerous Liaisons, Fatal Attraction and 102 Dalmatians. Ok, scratch that last one, as even the best make mistakes.

How do you get an Oscar-nominated actress to play a bit part in your movie? Be Steven Spielberg that is how. Close is unrecognizable as the pirate who is shoved in a chest with a scorpion. We imagine Close was simply hanging around set one day and Spielberg decided to put a beard and makeup on her and lock her in a chest.

Extra Fact: Close was not the only Cameo in Hook. Phil Collins, David Crosby, Jimmy Buffett, George Lucas and Carrie Fisher also make brief cameo appearances. Spotting cameos in this movie is like playing Where’s Waldo.

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  • anon

    Matt Damon, as well, in Eurotrip.