Hollywood often pillages our favorite books for movie ideas, because that is a whole lot easier than coming up with ideas of your own. Sometimes, though, a filmmaker will take the source material and alter so much to make it their own that you do not even realize that the film is based on a book. These are five examples of just that.

5. Resident Evil is Loosely Based on Alice in Wonderland

When a website writes something about the Resident Evil movies it is usually about Milla Jovovich’s nudity (it is the internet after all) or how the movies are terrible because they are nothing like the video games. The zombies run, come on!

Complaints aside, Resident Evil on the surface seems like a brainless action/horror movie with lots of guns, explosion and inexplicable kung-fu. However, director Paul W.S. Anderson revealed in the director’s commentary for the first film in the series, that he firmly rooted the plot in Alice in Wonderland.

When you watch the original Resident Evil you see all the connections. The main character’s name is Alice, she gets to the hive by going through a mirror and the evil computer AI is named the Red Queen and has the tendency to cut off people’s heads. Side note to all computer programmers: do not call your AI something ominous like “Red Queen.” You are just asking for a robot take over.

It is just not the plot but even the characters correspond with Alice in Wonderland. There is a guy who is constantly worried about time, a guy who sits around like the caterpillar and the mysterious Cheshire Cat (Alice’s supposed husband). That is some pretty deep literary roots for a mindless explosion-fest.

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