Nothing beats the freedom of a motorcycle. The open road, feeling the wind in your hair, and all that other good stuff. Whether it be a good old Harley, a custom chopper, or a high-speed crotch-rocket, the sound and the speed are exciting to most anyone. Just look back over film history and you will see a whole number of films where motorcycles are the general theme, or make up an important part of the whole. I have collected a short list of the best motorcycle-related movies in history. All the following films have motorcycles as their central theme, or play an important part in the overall plot of the film. Take a look through each and see if you agree, or maybe you have another movie in mind, let me know.

#8 – Knightriders (1981)

Director: George A. Romero
Stars: Ed Harris, Gary Lahti, Tom Savini

One of the lesser-known works from Night of the Living Dead director George Romero, Knightriders has no relation to David Hasselhoff and talking cars. A medieval reenactment troupe find it increasingly difficult to keep their family-like group together, with pressure from local law enforcement, interest from entertainment agents and a growing sense of delusional from their leader. Perhaps not Romero’s finest hour, but worth a watch for appearances from his regular players Tom Savini and Ken Foree – not to mention a cameo from Stephen King (yes, that one).

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