Sometimes you are forced to work with people you do not like. Most of the time you just suffer through it so you can get your pay check at the end of the day. Other times the feud boils over into a public display. When this happens on the set of a movie, it is a very public display, as the whole world is usually watching. Sometimes these feuds even come close to destroying the movies that are being worked on.

4. American History X

What we have here is perhaps a case of two very big headed people clashing on the set of a movie. Edward Norton was a very popular movie star who was coming off his first Oscar-nomination. Tony Kaye liked to tell anyone who would listen that he was the next Alfred Hitchcock.

Norton was known to “polish” scripts during production and take a hands-on approach to acting, often crossing the boundaries between actor and filmmaker. Norton did the same on American History X, with Kaye’s Blessing of course. However, when Kaye turned in an 87-minute long final cut of the movie Norton stepped in as editor. Norton sifted through the 200 hours of footage shot and put together the movie we know today. Kaye was furious and said that Norton was “a narcissistic dilettante” and that he had “raped” his film.

Norton has gone on to continue his movie career while Kaye works in the indie film circuit. He recently had a similar fight with Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

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  • BigHoop65

    does the Christian Bale rant on the set of Terminator Salvation get an honorable mention?? or did it not have that big an impact on the film?? or was the film simply not noteworthy enough?