Comedian film critic Joe Bob Briggs once said that in order for a horror movie to truly be successful that any character has to be able to die at any moment. Not only does the audience need to believe that but the movie needs to make good on the threat and have it happen. That rule is not just for horror movies, but movies in general. As the shocking deaths featured on this list are memorable and have helped these movies cement a legacy.

10. Scream

Scream pulled the classic bait and switch with its opening scene. They put a big named star, Drew Barrymore, in the first scene and the audience assumed that this was the main character. Even as the suspense in the scene rose we still believed that she would somehow get away up until the very moment she got stabbed. The Scream franchise would return to this bit in Scream 4, when Anna Paquin is featured at the beginning of the movie only to be stabbed in a movie with in a movie joke.

9. No Country for Old Men

When Llewellyn Moss is killed offscreen by Mexican drug lords, out of nowhere mind you, I kept expecting Tommy Lee Jones’s character to step up and eventually kill the evil hitman Chigurh. That does not happen. No Country for Old Men sets up every expected plot course movies normally take and then goes down the completely opposite path.

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  • Shannon.

    Alan Tudyk – “Wash” in Serenity??

    • Marlee

      I know someone who walked out of the theater and never ever finished the movie after he was killed. I had to pause the movie and actually “cope.”

  • Leonidas

    Wait, wait. Pulp Fiction delivers not one, but two extremely interesting entries and I can see not a single one of them in here o.o

    • Mr. White

      Two? I can think of Vincent Vega but who is the second one?

  • Marriann

    Grad Torino. Since I’ve never seen Eastwood bite the dust EVER.

  • alejandropando

    Llewellen Moss shouldnt have been that much of a surprise. maybe how he dies, but not the actual death. llewellen’s fate was sealed when his picked up that case!