In recent months I have had more and more people ask me to recommend some good action movies that aren’t so lame when it comes to the plot and writing. Those who are familiar with my writing know that I have watched and reviewed well over a thousand films, and have my favorite Genres and Titles. I am partial to Science-Fiction films, and British Mysteries, but like a lot of guys, I like a good kick-ass action film. Cops and crime, war and military, gangster films and more—I love them all. I also understand that when I watch them I must sometimes accept the fact that they won’t always have the best dramatic content. The plots are often thin, the dialog weak, and the acting and directing questionable. This is not always true, and when I find an action film that exceeds expectations, I let people know.

A few years back, I began watching the Japanese Samurai films of Akira Kurowsawa on a recommendation. Once I got used to the subtitles, I was greeted with a whole new world of amazing cinema. I was already a fan of Hong Kong Kung Fu films, but now I branched out and found that China also has some incredible action films with deep, memorable plots, often based on actual historical events. The following list contains the best action dramas of the East. Give them a try I know you will enjoy them.

#6 – The Guillotines (2012)

Director: Wai-keung Lau
Stars: Xiaoming Huang, Ethan Juan, Purba Rgyal

This film takes place during the Qing Dynasty, when China was ruled by the Manchurians. The current Emperor, Yong Zheng had created a secret assassination squad. They were called the Guillotines and were responsible for removing anyone who opposed him. When new Emperor, Qian Long ascends to the throne, he is very different. He is partial to Western ways and begins to adopt them. He decides that the Guillotines are not needed any more and they need to go. The movie then becomes very exiting.

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