Halle Berry continues to top the box office with her latest outing, The Call, in which she plays Jordan, a 911 telephone operator who receives a call from a girl who has been abducted. After a mistake on Jordan’s part gets the girl killed, Jordan suffers from flashbacks, particularly when she receives an eerily similar call from Casey (Abigail Breslin).

Originally conceived as a television series, the fast paced thriller centres around the importance of 911 operators in law enforcement and most of the movie sees Jordan stay in the call centre before entering into the field towards the end of the film, which has been critically well received. Academy Award winning Berry has been nominated for Best Actress awards for her performance.

Phone calls often play an important part in movies, but in these films, a phone is critical to the plot.

5. Phone Booth

Phone Booth centres around Colin Farrell’s character, Stu Shepherd, who is a typical arrogant New York City publicist who just happens to be wooing Pam (Katie Holmes) behind his wife’s back (Radha Mitchell). However, his world is about to come crashing around him when he uses a public phone to ring Pam and then answers it when the phone rings immediately after he hangs up.

It soon becomes clear that Stu is about to face the consequences of his philandering ways as a mystery sniper keeps him prisoner in the phone booth and forces him to make a choice between being honest about his behaviour with the two women in his life or death. As if that wasn’t incentive enough, Stu discovers that the last two men who were given the same two options died.

It’s an edge of your seat thriller that focuses mainly on Farrell in a phone booth for most of the film at the whim of his unknown tormenter.

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