Every now and again a movie will make a bold prediction about the future. Most of the time these predictions are made as a result of artistic direction rather than an attempt at being psychic. Every now and again, though, a movie’s predictions will come true and it is so weird that it at the least warrants discussion.

6. The Critic Predicts Hollywood’s Obsession with Non-Original Movies

One of the biggest gripes people have with Hollywood movies is that they are not very original. Most of what is produced is either a sequel, remake or based on some sort of property (i.e. a comic book or video game) that has an already built-in fan base. Sequels have always been a thing, but it has become increasingly common as of late.

The Critic was an animated television series that aired on FOX in 1994. During the duration of the show the movie parodied Hollywood’s tendency to make needless sequels like Home Alone 5 and Jurassic Park 2. Both of which would end up getting made. The most prophetic thing The Critic predicted was that Hollywood would eventual turn to basing movies on board games. Hence the parody movie trailer for Rubik’s Cube: The Movie. Sort of reminds you of the failed blockbuster Battleship.

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  • Ari Hansson

    Actually, Survivor predates both Truman Show and EDTV, since it premiered on Swedish TV in 1997. Truman Show premiered in 1998, and EDTV in1999