A sequel to Star Wars is coming. Even after the debacle that was Episode I-III, fanboys are excited. Especially since the guy who managed to make Star Trek cool, JJ Abrams, is the man behind the camera. Ever since the movie was announce there has been rampant speculation as to who was going to be in the film. Unlike the George Lucas-helmed prequels, we assume a lot of big names will be involved with this production. In this list we have compiled the top five biggest Star Wars casting rumors to date.

5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Way back when JJ Abrams was still promoting Star Trek: Into Darkness and was dodging questions about Star Wars Episode VII, the first actor’s name to come out of the casting rumor mill was Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It was reported by the Latin Review that Meyers, who most will recognize from the critically acclaimed Showtime series The Tudors, had signed on to be in the movie.

The Latin Review had a history of reporting scoops that turned out to be right when it came to the Marvel superhero movies up until this summer’s box office season when they reported what the after-credits scene in Iron Man 3 would be and confirmed a Fantastic Four reboot was going into production. Both reports turned out to be false. It is also important to note that Meyers will be pretty busy in the coming years as he has a part in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which is hoping to become a big movie franchise, and is starring in a Dracula television series for NBC. If either the franchise or television series gets picked up for the long haul Myers might be too busy to be in Star Wars Episode VII, which is scheduled to come out in 2013.

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