Some people talk about visiting the Wonders of the World – Niagara Falls, the Egyptian Pyramids, or witnessing the Northern Lights. But that sounds like a lot of work. For movie buffs it’s certain stunning movie gems that leave us breathless – films where every still is a cinematographic masterpiece, and the images have stayed with us long after credits rolled. Unlike a visit to Niagara Falls, we can enjoy such masterpieces again and again from the comfort of our own homes!

Of course, beauty is subjective. Critics can never agree on which movies are the most beautiful, and there are literally hundreds of lists on the web. Can good cinematography be made more beautiful with a carefully selected soundtrack? Can CGI be as visually stunning as natural effects?
Here are three of our favourite eye-popping films.

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  • Jacqueline McDuling

    I just watched the opening scene of “Melancholia”, and I’m breathless… Going to watch the movie soon…

  • Angus

    What’s the point of dissing on CGI in the opening paragraph and then including an animated film in the list?