This is going to be one of those articles that are heavy in opinion that a lot of people are going to yell at us for in the comments section. Before you simply read the subtitles and then yell at us for putting your favorite movie on this list, consider reading our points first then yell at us.

There were a lot of criteria we used to determine what overrated is. First, the movie could have been a huge critical success and garnered a lot of Oscar nomination and/or awards when other films that came out that same year deserved it more. Second, the movie may have been a huge financial success but simply was not that good of a movie. Third, the movie is simply given more credit that it deserves. It does not mean it is a bad movie it may just mean that people should talk about how great it is less.

5. Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty grossed a total of $108,720,716 worldwide, making it a pretty substantial financial success. Zero Dark Thirty was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound Editing and Best Film Editing. All this and we have not even bothered to mention all the Golden Globe and Film Critics Association awards it was nominated for.

Here is the thing; Zero Dark Thirty is only good because it told a story that was very relevant at the time it came out. The whole movie is Jessica Chastain’s character Maya arguing with people build while the movie builds toward one really awesome scene. And, as awesome as it is, we know exactly what is going to happen. There is no real suspense, just a feeling of, “yeah, America is cool,” which is not a bad thing but it is not worth a million Oscar nominations.

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  • Robert Weatherby

    Actually I’m going to agree with your article from the standpoint of all these films are overrated as you say. One other film I’m going to include is Saving Private Ryan: Horray! It’s got a bloodbath in the beginning for bleeding heart liberals to keep their kids afraid of joining the military while conservatives can pretentiously and the Left- Tom Brokow crowd feels good about themselves for showing fake appreciation for the veterans. Then you have a group of over-aged actors playing soldiers unrealistically, and the overally emotional ending of everyone but the private they seek dying in battle. Epilogue: Ted Danson, A HUGE liberal who said we’d all be dead of global warming by 2000, which affirms the fear-mongering stance of the filmmakers. If you want to see a good war movie based on a real event, see The Great Raid (2005). Very good, well acted, not pretentious in any way, and only focusing on the facts. Another recent war film that is overrated is Black Hawk Down, just stop it Ridley Scott with that hovering camera, slow it the heck down!

    • Kristian

      Saving Private Ryan was a realistic war movie. What do you think there was no gore on those beaches? Are you just one of those people who play COD and think that’s how it was? Also, a lot of the actors in that movie are big veteran supporters like Tom Hanks. 1 more thing, it is kinda emotional seeing your friends die. I am a Republican like you, but UNLIKE you, I am informed. Go read a book or two, you uneducated bastard.

  • Juan

    I agree with Avatar the most. I think it’s quite ridiculous that it made close to $3 Billion dollars.


    i disagree w the movie sixth sense because it was a great movie i think it really depends on how you feel about ghosts and such wether you believe in them or not … my kids watched it i watched it and still to this day it gives us the chills and to overcome a fear to help ghosts move on i think is quite remarkable for a child also for tge child to except he is different and be stronger is very important for kids to see so they have confidence also the ending was awesome it really brought tge movie together anyways thats my opinion and i dont think it was over rated at all ;)

  • Emily

    I definitely agree with “Avatar”. I never understod what everyone saw in that movie. Yes, the animation and affects and everything were very good, but that doesn’t mean you can just NOT make a good plot. I was bored watching it because I kept thinking “This is just Pocahontas with blue people”. I annoyed me how blown away everybody was by this film and I’m glad I’m not the only one thought so.

    • FrancessLeeG

      Exactry! Pocahontas in space!

  • sss

    everything i agree with except forrest gump.

  • KC

    Pulp Fiction just as good as Forrest Gump? No. Just no.

  • Christian

    Howbout skyfall? By far the biggest shit hollywood took in 2012.

  • Josh

    Everything I agree with, especially Forrest Gump.

  • mike-knows-all

    I agreed with all ur pick, then I was gonna blast you about Forrest Gump, then I read ur reasons, I agreed after reading everything you said, good list, well done!

  • SoS

    Love it, but can you edit your writing more, some parts don’t make sense.


    Totally agree with Avatar, it left me completely underwhelmed.