George Clooney and Sandra Bullock’s latest outing is speeding its way to the big screen. Gravity sees Clooney playing Matt Kowalsky, an experienced astronaut on his final mission supervising Dr Ryan Stone (Bullock), a scientist sent up to work on the Hubble telescope. She finds it hard to adapt to life in space, but Kowalsky’s calm exterior helps keep her grounded and focused.

However, it’s going to take all of Kowalsky’s experience to keep them alive when a freak accident destroys their shuttle while they’re out on a spacewalk, leaving the two of them tied to each other adrift in space. With radio contact lost, they’re going to have to be creative if they want to survive.

Space movies have an illustrious history with disasters providing plenty of rich fodder for storytelling. How will Gravity stack up against these films about people lost in space?

5. Lost in Space

What better way to kick off a list about people lost in space than with a film called Lost in Space? Adapted from the popular television series, Lost in Space centres around the Robinson family who are on their way to a nearby star system to escape a nearly uninhabitable Earth but find themselves sent off course by a saboteur, leaving them with the almost impossible task for finding their way back home.

Many of the regulars from the television series had cameos in the film, including Angela Cartwright and Marta Kristen, who played Penny and Judy Robinson, as news reporters and Mark Goddard (the original Major West) as Major West’s commanding officer. In addition, Dick Tufeld reprised his role as the voice of the Robot. However, Jonathan Harris chose not to return as a Global Sedition representative dealing with Dr Smith (he played Dr Smith originally) and Bill Mumy was unable to take up the part of an older Will Robinson due to his work on Babylon 5.

Although critics thought it awful, the film performed moderately well at the box office, although not well enough to justify a sequel. Instead, it won a Golden Raspberry for Worst Remake or Sequel.

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