Movies are not necessarily known for their complex symbolism. It is usually the written word that is known for its use of foreshadowing and symbolism. However, sometimes filmmakers will place very subtle clues as to how their movies are going to end or reveal major plot spoilers before they happen. Sometimes these clues are so well hidden you likely never even noticed them.

5. Reservoir Dogs Gives Away Mr. Orange

The movie Reservoir Dogs is about a diamond heist gone bad. Well it never shows the diamond heist, just the planning of the heist and the aftermath of the botched robbery. In the movie one of the characters, Mr. Pink, believes there is a rat amongst the crew. The rest of the guys are skeptical to the prospect. Half-way through the movie it is revealed in a flashback that Mr. Orange is in fact an undercover cop.

If you pay close attention to the background of the movie, any time two characters discuss the idea of their being a snitch amongst the crew, there is an orange object in the background that subtly hints that Mr. Orange is the rat. There is an orange balloon that floats behind a car when Chris Penn’s character, Nice Guy Eddy discusses the heist turning into a police ambush. Then, when Mr. Pink and Mr. White discuss a rat there are orange bottles in the background.

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  • Luis

    Its called foreshadowing

  • Robert

    The Last Exorcism, in the beginning the preacher talks about cults and then the ending involves cults

  • A

    How is the 6th sense not on this list??

  • Jobonti

    The use if the color red in the sixth sense, every time you see the color red on screen something supernatural is happening

  • Norbit

    In fight club when tyler gets in a fight with the bar owner we see the narrator bend over when tyler gets punched and tyler is driving the car when it crashes but the narrator gets out of the drivers seat after the crash, these both lead up to the twist at the end