The show Friends taught us many lessons about love, friendship and hilarity but many lessons about how to truly enjoy and love life can be weaned from the show.

1. Best Pick-up line to get a girl

Joey being the well-known player of the group was never without a girl either by his side or coming out of his room. If Chandler or Ross needed advice about picking up a girl they always came to Joey. What was his secret? Uttering three famous words, “How you doing?”

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  • TD

    “I think the writers of the show would have been stoned had they chosen
    any other way for the show to end then for Ross and Rachel to find each
    other once again.” I believe the word you’re looking for here is “than” for Ross and Rachel to find each other again. Things like this help you lose credibility one word at a time.

  • chezney

    number 6 isn’t at a wedding its at a charity night for rachels work where joey bids on the boat and ends up calling it the mr Beaumont the reason pheobe says that is because its a charity night to raise money for a kids charity so thats wrong

  • MRAS

    I cant believe the last episode was 10 years ago omg i am about to cry at how fast life is moving and i feel so sad