6. Dead Poet’s Society

An English teacher at a stuffy prep school inspires his students to do such controversial things as “seize the day” and read poetry. Though, this may sound like his job, the parents and his higher-ups are none too pleased with his actions.

Dead Poet’s Society is likely the best version of the Socratic allegorical tale of education ever put to film, and if you do not understand the first part of this sentence then good, because we are simply trying to sound smarter than you for the duration of this entry. There is a lot of walking around the prep-school campus with changing leaves in the background, which, much like the poetry discussed in the movie, is symbolic of the coming-of-age story featured in the film.

5. Garden State



The movie is a hard one to describe in a couple of sentences, but we will do our best. It is about a man who returns home after the death of his mother and realizes his overprotective, controlling father and the drugs he prescribes to him are holding him back from truly seeing life for what it is.

Dead leaves fill the background of this depressing yet hopeful movie. Again fall is used as symbolism, this time for how living thing die and yet the world keeps moving on.

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