It is officially October which means Halloween is near. This is the time of year when many people intentionally try to scare the crap out of themselves. They will often use scary movies to do this. Some work better than others. The scares in the movies featured on this list will leap out at you and make you jump out of your seat. They also have some more subtle scares that you may have not noticed. These hidden scares sometimes foreshadow an event in the film or exist to simply make you feel nervous. Here are five creepy things hidden in the background of horror movies.

5. The Exorcist

In The Exorcist a demon possesses a little girl and it is up to a priest who is questioning his faith to save the little girl’s soul with an exorcism.

When The Exorcist was first released it was rumored that many subliminal images were littered throughout the movie, and it was a huge point of controversy in 1973. The images are not truly subliminal, though, as they are intended to be seen. Director William Friedkin inserted the images into the film in order to create an uneasy feeling.

The images he used are supposed to be the faces of Captain Howdy, the demon who has possessed the young girl. These blink-and-you-miss-it flashes appear in quick cutaways that only last a couple of frames. The face will also appear on walls and doors in the background of the movie before a traumatic event.

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  • Darien Rachelle

    In Insidious 2 they did the same thing with the woman in the white dress, if you watch closely, you can see her sitting in the chair before she moves something around, or shows up to scare someone.

  • Leah Squires

    In “Woman in Black,” I swear I saw children whenever the woods were filmed. They always looked like they were covered in mud. I don’t know if that was just my imagination or not.

  • Tarin Maria

    The Woman In Black is filled with creepy stuff in the background, half the woman in a doorway, her body moving in the reflection of a mirror, if you watch closely you can see something in almost every scene

  • Amanda Wollum

    I know this isn’t a horror film, but the movie Three Men & A Baby – has a little boy (who supposedly was dead during filming) standing in the window, in the curtains, holding a shotgun.

    • Oon Foo-Foo

      This is so old, so fake, and has been debunked already – A LONG time ago! It was actually a cardboard cut out of Ted Danson. It was a poster board for one his character’s works, since he played an actor.

    • thingshappen

      It’s a boy in a baseball cap he died bout 2 years previously heart complications and the owner(mother) of that apartment tried to sue and stop the release of the film however it was already out at the time and premiered in a couple cities

    • troupr88

      no its actually a card board cut out and was not meant to be in the seen.. don’t believe me look it up

  • Gabriel Virtuoso Rodriguez

    Wouldn’t Insidious have to actually be scary for it to be a horror classic?

  • laugh a lot

    hmm not so scary he ads on all sites these days scare me more :). well last clip from isidious were kind of cool though :D never thought of the boy stood there hahaha. :D love it.

  • Margaret Ocampo

    wow,,,i did’nt know that

  • Sarah Cass

    in insidious i actually did notice the boy in the corner and tried to point it out but it was gone b4 any of my friends who i was watching it with could see. this just made it even freakier

  • Dave Underwood

    Really? a kid in old costume and a hat, saw him right away. and now he’s dancing to Tiny Tim? OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I’m so horrified I may never sleep again?!!!

    • Malina Barrera

      Lololol ^^^

  • Pricidious

    In The Mothman Prophecies there is a scene where Richard Gere is closing a medicine cabinet and in the mirror after he leaves, you can see the .creepiest. face of the mothman in all is terrifying glory, but the scene only lasts literally two seconds and you might have to pause and freeze frame to catch it. This has scared me for such a long time and I cannot find any research on whether that was intended or not. Check it out though!

  • coco

    On the
    insideous thing, I SAW THAT!!! No one else saw it though. I thought I was the only one…