Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been offered the opportunity to write a tell all book. The kind of book that would allow her to talk about her past and the hurts from years gone by, and we all know what a huge part of that book would include. And good for her! Jennifer for the most part has kept silent about her experience with her divorce and Angelina’s involvement in it. I think a tell all book would be a healing experience for the girl and it’s about time that she got to tell her side of the story. I say go for it Jen!

So the question is, should Angelina be worried? After all Jolie didn’t seem to get any of the downfall of the divorce even though she was the other woman. She essentially stole a husband and got away scott free. It is said that it’s because of of her huge humanitarian efforts, it’s after all hard to hate a girl who is out there saving the babies from other countries everyday.

Although it’s bee denied over and over again I think at this point everyone knows that there was something going on behind the scenes during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith which the two filmed in 2005.

It’s a hard thing for any woman to get over being left for another woman never mind the fact that it was splashed all over the media for all the world to see. Jennifer Aniston has been told for years to just get over it already and maybe a tell all book is just the way to do it. Rumour has it that Angelina Jolie is quite nervous about the idea of a book. And who could blame her. She has been cast in such a great light these days so I’m sure the idea of having her involvement in the dissolution of a marriage with all the gory details is highly unappealing for her.

Of course the idea of a book has Angelina outraged, she feels that after 10 years with Brad that Jen needs to just get over it. People break up all the time after all, right? Angelina feels that Jen needs to let go especially since she is about to get married herself. Angelina has worked hard on her image and she thought she was passed the whole “Team Ange,”and “Team Jen” fiasco, she certainly doesn’t need all it dredged up again.

“Angelina’s worked hard to build up her image as a humanitarian and separate herself from the public outcry when she got together with Brad. She felt the whole ‘Team Jen’ and ‘Team Angie’ thing had finally died a death and that the perception of her being a husband stealer was in the past, but then she heard about the book offer,” a source told Now magazine.

Not that writing about her past would be easy for Jen. And she realizes that writing about what happened between her and Brad would be a hard thing to write about but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.
Best of luck to Jennifer and get writing!

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