Nabisco, along with several other brands in recent history, have done the unthinkable. They’ve normalized not only gay relationships, but also interracial ones too. Not only that, they took the extra step and actually called them “wholesome.”

This is, of course, a big deal. And not something One Million Moms can deal with. The small activism arm tied to the American Family Association wants the world to know that this– normalizing gay and interracial relationships– is not okay. Considering that it’s a group with family in its name, you’d think the group would be all for loving, caring families being featured in commercials. And most likely they are… if the couples shown are straight, white families, that is. Maybe not even white, but not mixed race, and most certainly not gay.

In the ad, which lasts a whole 30 seconds, we are introduced to a variety of family types, showing the diversity of the world we live in today. There’s the same-sex couple feeding and loving their infant son. They depict an interracial couple and their three kids holding hands. There’s even a father with tattoos playing with his daughter. Obviously the point of the commercial is that happy families, regardless of the makeup, are what’s important. Not only that, Nabisco says “No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will,” meaning that yes, even gay families are still wholesome families too.

That last bit is the straw that broke the camel’s back, according to One Million Moms (though I’m not sure I believe that part myself). The group is questioning how Nabisco can redefine the word “wholesome” in their ad. However, I don’t think they’re redefining it… One Million Moms itself just doesn’t agree that gay people can be wholesome. After all, according to the Bible, this is nothing short of sexual perversion.

However, there’s nothing sexual about the ad. Not unless you yourself are a pervert who must think about the sex lives of people you see on TV, that is. It shows two men loving their child, giving that child food and nourishment. If you see sexual perversion in that, perhaps you’re the sicko, not Nabisco.

One Million Moms has decided to boycott Nabisco and Honey Maid products due to the horrific and unthinkably offensive ad. Though far-less-than one million of them actually posted an attack on Nabisco, and considering the fact that every other time they’ve tried to bring a company down for not agreeing with their views has failed, well– I doubt Nabisco is worrying too much about it. If anything, Nabisco is probably laughing all the way to the bank. After all, when you’re actually on the right side of history and promoting compassion toward people of all types, consumers tend to respond well to that.

Way to go Nabisco, I say. I’m sure there are many people out there who haven’t had Teddy Grahams or any of their other products in years who are now heading to the stores to support this move. And I have a hunch that will likely cancel out the few people who are still living in Puritan times who are boycotting the product.

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