Kikipress - Daniel Radcliffe

Kikipress – Daniel Radcliffe

The classic horror tale of “Frankenstein” is still getting yet another reboot, and Daniel Radcliffe is still playing Igor, but you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer as the movie’s release will be delayed nine months. Originally, the movie was scheduled to be released in January 2015, but that’s now been pushed back to October 2015 instead. Which seems more fitting anyway. It will undoubtedly make a terrific Halloween film.

Daniel Radcliffe takes on the iconic role of Igor in the film, which is said to be a revisionist take on Mary Shelley’s original novel. The movie will be about friendship and redemption, and this version is rumored to have a sci-fi element involved as well.

John Davis is producing the film and Paul McGuigan is directing. “Frankenstein.” The film will also star James McAvoy (as Victor Von Frakenstein) and Jessica Brown Findlay (as Lorelei). Andrew Scott has long been rumored to be playing the role of Igor’s nemesis, Roderick Turpin. But the actor took to Twitter to deny that he’s playing the villain, which makes things all the more curious.

The film is said to be more about the relationship between the assistant, Igor (Radcliffe) and Dr. Frankenstein than it is about the monster itself. While few photos have been released from the film set, it appears that Radcliffe will be taking on a non-traditional look for his role of Igor. Often, Igor is portrayed as a hunchback, but Radcliffe’s version appears to be a regular looking version of himself, just with long hair.

Radcliffe is, of course, famous for his portrayal of the child wizard in the beloved Harry Potter series. Recently, the young actor has sought to break out of his Potter stereotype, and has taken on several horror roles, including being the adult leading man in the film, “The Woman in Black.” He is also starring in the upcoming films, “Horns,” a quirky, contemporary horror film adapted from a novel by Joe Hill– who is Stephen King’s son, so you know it will be creepy– and is titled, “Kill Your Darlings.” It’s also rumored that Radcliffe will make an appearance in the sequel to “The Woman in Black,” due out February 2015.

Before you assume there are problems with the movie itself because of the delay in release, one thing fans may need to consider is the fact that January is a terrible time to release movies. It’s often the month that studios release films they expect won’t do as well and is generally considered little more than a dumping ground. Considering that this is a classic horror story, moving the film to October could be more of a strategic move than anything else. We’ll just have to wait until October to find out for ourselves!

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