Oprah Winfrey devolved into a rare explosion of expletives as she gave actress Lindsay Lohan some home truths in her bid to remain sober. Lohan is currently featuring in a documentary series chronicling her attempts to turn her life around and on the third episode, following complaints by Winfrey’s film crew about Lohan’s behaviour and tardiness, Winfrey confronted the star.
Telling her to “cut the bull—-“, Winfrey also reassured Lindsay that she wouldn’t let her “f— up” and pushed the actress to continue on the path to sobriety.

Oprah Winfrey urged Lindsay Lohan to make big changes in her life and turn things around.

The moving discussion came when Winfrey went to Lohan’s home in Long Island, New York to be greeted with the news that her team had been unhappy about how the actress had been treating them. She was told that Lohan had completely ignored the agreed filming schedule and made a total mess of the project.
Frowning in her car before she went in to see Lohan, Winfrey clearly had a problem with Lohan’s behaviour, which jeopardised filming.

Lindsay Lohan struggles to keep it together during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey contemplated Lohan’s thought process, suggesting that the actress didn’t know what she wanted, which meant that things were bound to be chaotic as a consequence. She pointed out that she’d been warned that this was exactly what would happen, but she’d thought otherwise and had been willing to give Lohan a chance.

Oprah Winfrey and OWN president Sheri Salata travelled together to go and check on Lindsay Lohan.

Winfrey continued by saying that although she’d announced that she felt Lohan was ready it was “not the end of the world” if she wasn’t. Amy Rice, the documentary director, had said that she felt that Lohan was reluctant to open up about her emotions.
Winfrey also opined that perhaps there wasn’t much going on right now and Lohan hadn’t moved on from where she was when she went to jail and rehab in the early days.
When they finally got together, Lohan announced to Winfrey that she was “stressed.”

Lindsay Lohan waited for Oprah Winfrey with her mother, Dina.

Lohan admitted that she’d expected being calm and settled into a routine by now, but wasn’t there yet. Winfrey told Lohan what the producers had said and reassured Lohan that if she didn’t feel ready to go ahead with filming, she’d walk away with no hard feelings.
Lohan promised that she wanted to keep her commitments, but Winfrey took the opportunity to point out to her that, as a professional, she should know the impact of changing her mind all the time. With a whole film crew relying on Lohan to make the documentary, she really needed to make a decision about whether she genuinely wanted to proceed.
Lohan admitted that she was still learning how to deal with her life as it now was and staying sober.
“Hello, let’s celebrate that, that is where you are in your life,” replied Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey congratulated Lindsay Lohan on maintaining her sobriety.

Winfrey’s support made Lohan cry, as she admitted that she knew that she couldn’t risk even a single drink, so had been working hard to stay away from temptation by avoiding difficult situations, such as going to night clubs.

Lindsay Lohan couldn’t stop the tears as she talked about the difficulties in her life.

Winfrey decided to support Lohan with one of her pep talks, pointing out how many people wanted to see her succeed. Keeping it real, she told the star “Okay, alright, if that is the case then you are not going to f— this up. I know you are surprised to hear me say f—. You need to cut the bulls— you really do, just cut the bulls—.”
The documentary also featured earlier footage of Lohan disagreeing with production staff, leaving them hanging around and even refusing to film for a day. The cameras followed her moving into her new flat in New York, as well as arguments with Matt Harrell, her PA, which left him close to handing in his notice.

Lindsay Lohan requested a day’s break from filming.

There were also scenes of Lohan working with Michael Cormier, her sober coach, who talked about the difficulty of keeping the star on track in the middle of all the change. He pointed out that for anyone in recovery, a calm environment was crucial and moving in that first year was a really bad idea. He was trying to counter that by attempting to help Lohan ritualise her day at least a little.
Lohan also met up with AJ Johnson, a celebrity health and wellness coach, to complain about the demands of the documentary. She said that she hadn’t wanted to do something like the Kardashians and thought “the cameras would just be there.” She stated that her recovery was the only private part of her life and she’d wanted to keep it that way.

Lindsay Lohan told AJ Johnson that she felt that her sobriety was sacred.

Lohan pointed out that she felt pressured to say yes to everything and although she didn’t want to disappoint anyone, she should have taken more time out for herself, which worried her.

In a statement that reflected her commitment to getting better, she said “I do not want to lose something that I really appreciate in my life, my sanity.”
Here’s hoping that she’s able to stay on the wagon.

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