Red carpet events can bring out either the best or worst fashion sense in celebrities. Many a time we have been witness to some glorious excamples of haute couture, gasping at the audacity and genius of the designer. Then ladies and gentlemen we have the odd and downright unbelievable samples from the warehouse floor. Words are not enough to describe the surreal methodology behind the combination of outfits and accessories. The picture we may have of ourselves may not always be a true reflection of our personas. But, they do provide moments of hilarity and cheer us up. Fashion faux pas are an inevitable part of celebrity culture, after all celebrities are only human and allowed to make mistakes. Expensive ones at times though.

13. Perrie Edwards – Little Mix

Dear Perrie looks the epitome of Tinkerbell or the Sugar Plum Fairy. Not quite sure what she was trying to convey in that outfit. She looks ethereal, a vision in pink and lilac, love the hair! The skirt length is a tad unflattering but with legs like that she can carry it off. Everyone has a right to express their individuality, which is fair enough. Perrie’s tastes may change as time goes on.

12. Kelly Brook

Kelly has the kind of curvaceous figure that can carry off classic designs of the fifties and she is not frightened of showing what she is made of. Alas too much on this occasion! Her outfit looks like a strange mish-mash of something you would wear in the bedroom on a “romantic” evening in or in certain R n B music videos. It draws your attention, for the wrong reasons though.

11. Danni Minogue

Darling Danni looks like she has cobbled together a few scarves and hoped for the best. The necklace does not work with the neckline and the shawl looks superflurous. This is beachwear not a red carpet stunner. Sorry Danni, you missed the mark, again.

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