Let me put this proposition to you, if money was no expense what would be your ideal eatery? Living the high life may be a dream for many people as they contemplate the life changes a win on the lottery would bring. Frequenting the “in-places” where the beautiful people gather brings with it a buzz of excitement, it is a world apart. You become a member of a very exclusive club, or not. If the social credentials do not come up to muster, regardless of your monetary value, you do not get into some of these sleek and expensively designed places. In all honesty, that is the reality. Be thankful dear readers, the attitude that comes with entry into these havens of snobbery can be rather distasteful. If you can get past the threshold be prepared to pick your jaw off the floor and try to stifle your sniggers. Entries are in order of pretentiousness. Onwards!

6. Masa

This haven of sleekness and sophistication in the heart of New York City promises its diners a revelation in Japanese dining, the sushi in particular meriting attention. The sushi is flown in from Tokyo directly, ensuring that the diner pays a premium $400 each for the privilege. A good sushi chef is the master of their art and you are paying for that as well. The wine list is extensive and expensive, as is the Sake menu, one item going for $350 for a bottle. There are also opportunities to buy gift certificates and tableware. The ambience is Zen chic.

5. Norma’s

A New York restaurant that has an omelette as its bestseller. No ordinary dish I assure you, unassumingly called the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata. A dish containing the freshest of ingredients consisting of eggs, potatoes, lobster and caviar. A mouth-watering melange of deliciousness and expense, the going rate is $100 for a teeny weenie ounce of caviar and $1000 for 10 ounces. For aficionados of fine food everywhere this is indeed heaven on a plate. What was originally a hearty, simple dish has been transformed into a strange hybrid, which looks like an alien. Norma’s is based at Le Parker Meridien Hotel and markets itself as offering a “creative breakfast cuisine” all day, elevating it to a high art it seems. Never have all day breakfasts seemed so attractive, a large mug of Darjeeling with mine please.

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