Procreation has always been an important fact of life for all beings on this planet and fertility has been at the heart of this process. Sexual potency in both genders ensures strong, healthy and numerous offspring and the intake of various food and drink substances have helped the process along. Whether there is any validity to the claims made for some of these substances I cannot possibly comment but it is interesting to note that science has validated what has been know by herbalists, medicine women and men for a long time. Always best to consult either a registered practitioner or a doctor if there are any health problems. If there are any underlying sexual or other relationship problems aphrodisiacs will not resolve the issue and they will need to be addressed. That’s my lecture done with; please follow me into my consulting room.

12. Dong Quai

This is a traditional Chinese hormonal remedy for women, to increase sexual desire and heighten sensitivity as it increases the blood circulation. Obviously affecting certain parts of the anatomy to get the right result. If you get my meaning.

11. Ashwagandha

An Indian herb that has been used for millennia to stimulate and maintain youth, used in Ayurvedic medicine and prescribed by doctors to raise and stimulate sexual desire in people with low libidos.

10. Fo-Ti

A traditional Chinese remedy supposedly found by a villager named Mr He who used it to restore his sexual process, vitality and black hair. Fo-Ti translates as “Black hair Mr He). The remedy’s legendary powers are still believed to work and are prescribed to increase sexual desire and treat erectile dysfunction.

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